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This is the wiki for the Kernoch Invasion, a 4th Edition D&D campaign. This central page mainly contains links and lists.

The player characters are currently level 2.

  • Turgo, a half-orc monk from the Order of the Silver Staff
  • Tharen “The Goat”, a dwarven fighter from Hammerfell
  • Content Not Found: Leucis
  • Content Not Found: Kythri
  • Benn
  • Simon

Significant NPCs

(Insignificant NPCs, or NPCs who only warrant a name so far, are filed under Other Characters).

Important Places

Lorpeta, the local town, now under the control of the Kernoch Dominion
The Abbey of Saint Berenice, an abbey where the cult of Kysistra holed up until recently.
West Rift, a mining village in the area of Lorpeta, but owing allegiance to Gideon Florent
Chaile, the capital of the Mayender Principality

(Insignificant places, or places that only warrant a name so far, are under Other Places)

Plot Threads


Pelor, God of the Sun, Light, and Justice
Velen, God of Endurance, Strength, Walls

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