The Kernoch Invasion

Tharen's Diary
Tharen's Diary

1st Day
We were assigned to protect a Ritual Caster that was attempting to destroy the bridge that leads out of town. Once the caster is able to successfully destroy the bridge, we are to catch up with the refugees and assist in getting them to their destination.
While at the bridge the invading force sent a scout party to our location, we fought them off, preventing them from killing the Caster & from informing the invaders of what we were doing.

The caster finished up, we got across and attempted to find the refugees.

2nd Day
While attempting to catch up to the refugees, we got lost; the ranger/tracker couldn’t seem to hold onto the trail. “We” believe there was some arcane magic at work and interfering with the tracking.

We came upon a spider camp and found 3 unconscious people trapped in cocoons. Two were from the refugee group. The other was Malcolm, the brother of Jocomo (the Elven ranger/tracker in our group). Malcolm was looking for a person he thought his wife may have been involved with. This person seemed suspicious and Malcolm felt his wife was becoming enamored with the man and that the man was a member of a cult.

We set up camp and attempted to sleep for the night within the spider encampment. We were awoken by 3 spiders (1 large and 2 smaller ones) & a Gnome. We fought them off, and afterwards noticed that the saddles the spiders wore had a trident embossed on them. Off the gnome we acquired a dagger of some apparent value. The dagger had the same trident marking as well.

We ventured on the next morning, eventually catching up the refugees & Father Duncan at a monastery. There was no way in thru the main gate, the draw bridge was broken. The building is occupied as well.

Father Duncan:
Part of the Baron’s house
Asked Turgo (our Monk companion) to retrieve a relic from within the monastery.
This relic was stolen by an orc invading party.

The Monastery:
The Abbey of Saint Berenice
Was the destination of the refugees but is occupied
Is an old Monk monastery

Refugees will make camp outside, but want/need to get inside
We have been asked to get inside the monastery and “dislodge” the current occupants.

We cannot just walk in the front gate:
no draw bridge,
would be “easy pickings’ for the current tenants and
would need a larger force trained to scale the building.

There is a stream that seems to lead into the back of the building, we decided to use that “entrance”

3rd Day
We went around the back of the building by where it seemed the stream led into building and found an underground tunnel. We had a skirmish before being able to access the entrance. The tunnel entrance was barred by an enchanted lock. We were able to bypass it, but set off an alarm (?)

We will need to clear out the orc invaders??
Found a door with Crossed silver staves, inside was a monk prayer room

4th Day
Acquired a book (Turgo has it)
The staff in the statue of Valens(
) hands will unlock the (Towers??), staff is missing.
Valens is the God the monks of this abbey pray to

5th Day
Skirmish with a Dark elven woman (named ‘Gaseme’?)and her group, we took a lot of damage but prevailed (barely).

After the fight we met Kythri, who seemed to emerge from the portal, who was on thr run for her life from her captors (not sure if I heard the word enslavers). Found a portal and took her chances.

We questioned the Dark Elf woman, freed the prisoners, search for valuables & items that make our journey easier.

The five prisoners:
Tyron, Human working for Muzagazi, a fey giant,this was someone mentioned in Turgo’s note??
Benn, half-elf Cleric we convinced him to join us
Eladrin, he left us before we made it back to camp

There was a mysterious Bronze Head in the quarters/Office of the dark elven woman. We believe it is a communications device, but felt we were better off leaving it.

Not wanting to kill the Dark Elf woman (who is now our prisoner) we went back to Father Duncan, updated him on our progress & left the women with him and proceeded back to make camp before going back to the Abbey.

6th Day
Having decided to camp for the night with the refugees and revisit the monastery in the morning. Early in the morning (4 A.M.?) we were woken up, there was apparently something going on with the prisoners.

There was a guard knocked out (the one called ‘Harmon’). Evidently he was hit it the head with a blunt object. He thought he saw someone heading to the abbey, we decided to get our equipment and return there immediately. I didn’t mention it to the group, but it might have been the prisoner we let go, that may have come back and attacked the guard. We should question him when we get back.

We did find tracks leading to the “rear entrance” There is another set of tracks leading to the forest.

We made it back to the quarters/office of the Gaseme, where we heard her communicating with someone, apparently by means of the Bronze head. As the conversation ended, Gaseme seemed to be attacked by the object. In attempt to break her free Turgo attempted to break the connection. Kythri objected, intervened and they argued.

We took the now unconscious Gaseme and made our way to the sealed door. At the door, there were a few lower level guards and their leader (a human with a crossbow). We were able to convince them we were here to get help for Gaseme and were led upstairs to a large ceremonial room (we believe was once the great hall of the Abbey).

There seemed to be a ritual occurring as we entered, the human leading us tried to keep us quiet and keep us from disturbing the activities. I noticed the floor tiles seemed to be arranged in an intricate pattern, there seems to be some symbol (?). Soon we realized this was a sacrificial ceremony and we needed to stop it.

We engaged the Ritualist, a guard (a female drow), the human with a crossbow and a few of the cultists in battle. Throughout the battle, a few of us were able to “convince” some of the cultists to leave. We were fairly successful in the confrontation, I believe we are becoming a crew worthy of some merit, with each battle there seems to be more cohesion.
With all our adversaries routed, we need to gather ourselves and investigate the fallen, appraise the damage and search the room for clues as to exactly what is going on.

6th Day part two (session 7)
We took a few minutes to gather our wits then processed to check on the cultists that were alive or unconscious. We revived who we could and used restraints on those that were alive. We began to search the room, we noticed some tapestries were missing and some of the paintings seemed newer.

In the back part of the room, there was a sarcophagus, in a moment of boldness I decided to try to remove the covering. We found an apparently unconscious human in hide armor. He didn’t seem to be breathing or dead, Benn & Kathryn stepped up in attempt to find out what the issue was and help this person if possible. After several arcane invocations, she was successful. Benn struggled, but seemed to help the human.

We learned his name is Simon, he is a ranger and about 2 weeks ago he was captured by the cult and brought to the Abby. He admitted to be working for Muzagazi (?) and tracking the cult when he was taken into custody. We explained to Simon why we were here and he decided to join up with us at least for now.

We re-grouped and made our way to the 2nd floor. At the end of a long passage, we came to an adorned door (adorned with an image of a warrior).

The ranger, apparently back at full vitality marched into the room without a hesitation (which made me both uneasy and impressed). Within the room, we were attacked by what I believe were 5 wraiths and an imp. Without Turgo (who as tending the person that was to be sacrificed till we barged in) I thought this may be a handful. We did prevail, without half the trouble I thought we would have. I think this is in part due to the group coming together as a force to be reckoned with, although we may have caught the wraiths and Imp on an off day, perhaps the gods are assisting us on this mission.

When the fight was over, we searched the room and noticed this seems to be the living quarters of someone of some importance. We found writing materials, arcane implements, an alchemical set, and the silver staff Turgo is in need of. This may have been Arrana’s room.
Kathryn was reading the notes of the tenant and it seems they were unable to figure out how to use the staff properly. The notes say something about an arcane lock. The Elvish book had a triangular symbol (which is the symbol for Kysistra, the Godess of elemental chaos/Abyss) on cover and is either a ritual book or prayer book (both??).

We decided to go back towards the “ritual room” and get the staff to Turgo.

7th day session 8

as we finished up acquiring all the information ad items of value,we began to leave the room when we felt/heard a rumbling. The building shock some and it seems the noise was coming from the ritual room.

we reached the door leading back to the Ritual room and hesitated entering. it seems the diturbance is on the opposite side of the door.Simon vounterred to sneak in and look around. He reported back there there was a 12 year old(?) boy in the other room that appeared possessed and performing a ritual. There were also other beings helping him. We felt we urgently needed to prevent the ritual from being carried out.

When we entered the room, I noticed the load bearing columns seem to be under a great burdon and on the verge of collapsing, Also the mosaic flooring seemed to be resisting an evil (/) enrgy that was being created from the ongoing ritual.

we managed to kill all the beings assisting in the ritual and managed to “scare off” the being that was possessin the boy. Almost immediately the crypt from which we found Simon, sprung open. Apparently the ritual was supposed to conjur up a being that would have possessed Simon (this was established by Kythri & Benn).

We now noticed there were symbols on opposite ends of the crypt, one side had crossed silver staves , on the other was the symbol on Kathryn’s face. I am growing more and more suspicious of her. She says she escaped from Muzagazi but perhaps she is working for him???

Turgo touched a symbol on the mosaic and retrieved a medallion. One side ofn which had crossed solver staves, on the other was a trident. While touching the mosaic, Turgo had a vision of a ritual being perfromed by a giant (muzagazi??)and elder woman (a priestess).

We agreed our immediate goals are:
finish clearing up the abbey for the refugees
retrieve the summoning device
re-investigate the portal, we may need the other key to activate?

Session 9
we make our way back to the refugee camp to discuss the events with father Duncan. On the way back Turgo confides in me that he doesn’t trust Kythri. He isn’t sure if she was a slave or is working for Muzagazi.

While talking to father duncan, it grew apparent that he doesn’t care for Simon and would only continue with him out of the area, Simon walked away and we continue the discussion, We cdonclude to continue cleaning and investigate the portal.

after making our way back to the abbey we realze some of the corpses have moved. i still think we should have gotten them out of the building and burned them. On our way to the portal, we are accosted by another roaming band of zombie and other “undead” type monsters. we finish them off and manage to make it to the dark elf woman’s office/living quarters, we immediately norice the commjunications device/Bronze head is active and we feel we are being watched

Session 10

Kythri runs out of the room in the direction of the portal, we give chase. The portal is active and seems to be emmitting a strange energy we are dran in and find ourselves in the Elemental chaos.

we apear to be in a 40 × 40 crystallized room that seems to be floating in the midst of a lightening storm.

The next few hours or days are a blur. I can’t recall what happened exactly and i am not sure my group does either. They seem to give me differing answers when asked. It seems we were given an item that was being hidden where we were and were asked to find a different hiding place for it. I believe we had a fight and ran back thru the portal, but we all had waking dreams and emerged in the Faywild.

Session 11
After entering the portal yet prior to arriving on the otherside, I seemed transported back to my homeland, the 1st vision was of my first mid-watch, when I was confronted by a group of ill looking travelers. Their demeanor made me believe they had poor intentions. They asked for access to the town, I of course wouldn’t grant it, any traveler in the area should know our gate locks for the night at 10 PM and opens after dawn. The “leader” attempted to bribe me, I laughed and asked if my master sent him. He seemed angered by this. I told him to scurry along and come back in the morn.

A fight ensued, I didn’t walk away unscathed but was victorius non the less, When the night patrol came round i asked them to assist me in moving the bodies to a more appropriate position till the cleaning crew could properly dispose of them.While doing so, I lfted a coin purse with the intent on depositing the coin in the poor box in the Town temple after i was off duty.

When relieved, I want to my masters office and explained the events of the night. Was commended for a job well done. Upon being excused, I made haste to our Temple, said a pray, thanks the gods for my victory and deposited the coins in the poor box. I failed to notice the head cleric tending to the dais and hadn’t realized till later he saw me put a large amount of coin in the poor box (large amount for a dwarf of my position). The cleric did report me due to the coin seemed foreign and he was concerned where I had gotten it. When asked, I told the truth, I wanted to put the coin to good use (helping the poor). My master remindede me that loot is run thru him first and given over to the town’s administrators to use as THEY see fit. Knowing that my boss and the admistators usually skim from the top, I was trying to avoid this “Tax” but was caught, accepted responsibilities and the punishment.

My second vision was of Rosey. Rosey is the sister of my best friend Thadious. Thad had asked me to keep my distance from her, I think in the most part he was hoping for a better life for her (maybe getting “lucky” and finding a “highborn” suiter). Rosey and I cared for each other but were keeping our relation ship a secret till we could keep figure out a good way to get Thad to change his mind. My last night with her I scurried off in the morning as not to be caught leaving, but in my vision I stayed and shared breakfast with her and realized she was pregnant. as I was overcome with a need to get back home,I made it thru the portal and came to realize we are now in the feywild. I must get back to Rosey, or atleast get her a message.

We were approched by Selena (a voluptous Eladrin with a voice of a goddess)and Kan a centaur (first time I ever saw one, it was hard not to stare at either) the informed us that we were in land reigned by Muzagazi (Kythri! I know not to trust her at all now!!). They informed us we should be moving immediately, so we made haste.

Session 12

in an attempt to leave the land that is regualarly patrolled by Muzagazi’s forces, we were heading east. But the dense foliage (thicker then most forests) our semingly endless day and our groups weariness, we knew the group follwing us would catch us, we figurwed we were in for a fight, no sense in running ourselves into the ground and being caught, lets stand prepare a trap and FIGHT!

we fought and in our condition, not poorly, we won, took a “fiver” and again made our way…

Session 13

We take a moment to decide which way to go.

The Prince of Frost is to the North. he is somone that it is in our best interests to avoid
Muzagazi’s Stronghold is to the east, another powerful person who should be avoided
Kanark Creg (??)is to the West
South is the Deep Swamp, Farawind Outpost (an entrance to the underdark) and maybe a portal

We argued, all but Kythri immediately agree to go south.
We argue more, Kythri wants to go to Muzagazi’s stronghold, supposedly for revenge ( our nice group can defeat an army? I am at the point where it is obvious she does not have the groups interest at heart. I muste speak to the group, though I am sure they feel the same way. But I have taken many hits to the head of late, so I could be wrong.

We begin to make our way south, due to our arguing and not being fresh at all, we know we will be over taken. we stop and prepare for incoming.

The battle was long, we fought a few strong spiders, goblins and a hobgoblin & a giant spider.
we prevailed but we are growing weak and tired, I fear we need to rest over night or our doom is inevitable.

We plunge further into the swamps.

Session 14
we make our way further south, skirting the border of the swamp.
As per Salena we are 3 days journy to the dark elven stronghold of Mythladian.
late in the day we decide we most stop for rest, we slow down our pace and try to find a campsite. we stumbled onto two travelers who seem almost out of sorts as we are. Their names are Korvan & Luken. We talk over with our new companions how they got to this part of the “universe”. It seems we have a few things in common with Korvan & Luken, if we can believe them… they do SEEM trustworthy.

I was assigned the first watch (my first watches seem to go wrong.) I was un able to spot a rather large group of intruders, goblins ‘gators and lizard folk. We were able to prevail, but we ae severly shaken. It has been days since we managed a decent night’s rest. I believe we will now be able to rest.

Session 15
Inspecting the lizard folk we realize they all had a symbol on their chest, three vertical lines with one horizontally thru them.

a few of use seem to have caught swamp fever (aka jungle fever). We will need to continually search for mandarin root to help those that have become ill.

we all heard thunder in the distance and notice a large storm is heading our way, most of us wanted to go in the opposite direction, but Lucas pleaded for us to head to the eye of the storm and said we would all be thankful we did.

after an hour or so we were aproaching the eye of the storm when we noticed a cottage with an putrid pond ibn front. off to the right of the cottage was the most enormus willow tree i have ever seen. approaching the cottage we noticed ther were 5 ’gators, a huge lizardman and another person who seemed to be the leader. we asked for passage but it was immediately appearent they were intent on having us for diner, We engaged them in combat, fought well and
noticed accross the water there were eight stones in a circle cycling slowly. We realized this was a portal. we made our way hastefully. There must be some ancient magic at work, the inside of the “portal” tree is vastly larger then it appears from the outside.

Related info
Princess Jemma – the daughter of the old Prince
Father Duncan – a priest in the household of Addet Dero; answers to the Princess
Zaldin – leader of the cult that is occupying the monastery
Severts – one of the cult leaders, has been creating constructs and has been murdering people
Cheroic – Orc Chieftain burned part of the monastery
Arrana – a woman believed to be upstairs and aware of Gaseme and her plan. Has staff we need
Muzagazi – Fey Giant was mentioned in Turgo’s notes, I believe he wants the item Leucis has
Gideon Florent, formerly Earl Seneschal of Mayender and now claiming the throne

Misc. facts:
People in camp, about 80
It is late spring

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