Tharen "The Goat"

has a goatee instead of the typical dense & lengthy beards of his brethren. Has a sense of obligation towards defending the needy.

Has decided to follow the path of a weaponmaster/fighter. While leaving for his first mission he is wearing his Scale Armor and carrying a mordenkrad. He also has the standard issue adventurer equipment for his job (Adventurers kit, backpack, 50’ hempen rope, bedroll and a week’s worth of rations & water).

Tharen, grew up as part of the Gold Dwarves from the Riftledge Towers in the East Rift. Where it was assumed he would take on a position in the town guard.

While growing up, it was obvious Tharen was at least a little different than the other dwarves in his community.

First off he was only able to grow a goatee instead of the typical dense & lengthy beards of his brethren. This led to him growing up with the obvious nickname of “The Goat”. Also, while Moradin was the God almost solely worshipped in his hometown, early on Tharen was a devotee of Avandra. Her beliefs in liberty, freedom and justice fit him like a glove.

He grew up idolizing Jagannash the Unstoppable (a great dragonborn folklore hero). An indomitable warrior famed for his ability to fight on no matter the injuries he sustained. According to legend, in his final battle against the tiefling empire, Jagannash felled a full legion of devils, prior to climbing the tower that housed the tiefling war room, when suddenly the earth rebelled and swallowed the citadel and all within it. There are some that believe Jagannash actually existed… and still lives.

With his initial training /education done, the day came for him to accept his position on the nights watch. Word had made it to the Rift that there was a tiefling invasion imminent in “Lorpeta”. With the call for aid was scrutinized, with his obvious admiration of “some dragonborn tiefling champion”, it only seemed fitting that he would be the one sent

that evil festers everywhere and defenders of freedom will always be needed to ward off tyrants & oppressors.

There is a connection between the earth and the beings that live on/in it. Working towards preserving its resources and replacing what has been used, will aid it the environment and the beings that live on it will flourish. Thru exploitation comes desolation.

Immortality – he doesn’t fear his own death. Although he can die, he can always be raised again by a member of his society, if not he might be recruited to fight alongside a Legendary General in one of the wars that span the planes… if deemed worthy.

Tharen "The Goat"

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